The Journal of Islamic Law is a peer-reviewed online Journal—published together with a regular Forum—that features new scholarship in Islamic legal studies. Focusing on historical, comparative, and law and society approaches to Islamic law, we  also have a keen interest in featuring data science tools and primary sources that inform the scholarly analysis. The SHARIAsource Portal houses both the tools and the sources, and it provides an opportunity for scholars to curate an online companion to their scholarly contributions to the Journal or the Forum. The Journal welcomes long-form articles, essays, book reviews, and notes on cases and other new developments in the field. The more dynamic and slightly less formal Forum provides space for timely scholarly engagement and debate: invited roundtables on thematic issues of the day, essays on underexplored manuscripts or recent articles, and presentations of data science tools developed for or applied to the field. The Journal is on an annual schedule, and its related Forum will feature new content throughout the year. Our editorial board and peer reviewers select scholarship on the basis of excellence and novel contributions to the field. For submission details, see the submission guidelines.